Hello world!

Welcome to the new Sigma Prime website! As part of our refresh, we're launching a blog, which you are now reading. We hope you like it so far. 

So, why are we starting a blog? We want to share our insights on market spaces, technology trends, raising money, the venture capital industry, running startups, helpful tools for entrepreneurs, and what you can expect from Sigma Prime as a prospective investor. The Sigma Prime team comprises a group of individuals that have more than 50 years of collective experience investing in early stage companies. But before that, we were entrepreneurs and operators ourselves. We've seen the the patterns of success and the inevitable challenges startups face from both sides of the table. Above all, we want this blog to serve as a useful resource for any intrested party in the startup/venture capital ecosystem. 

What do we invest in? Our sweet spot is Series A, and we primarily invest in SaaS businesses, Cloud Technologies, Mobile, Big Data and Analytics, Disruptive Technologies (e.g., robotics), and Technology-Enabled Services. We tend to focus east of the Mississippi (most of our companies are in the Boston-NYC corridor) but, ultimately, we're location agnostic. And while we do focus on Series A - the stage where we've had much success historically - we're not opposed to making a first investment during a company's Series B, and we also love meeting with entprepreneurs when they're at the Seed stage to get to know them and be helpful (e.g., introductions, business model advice, and financing strategy) leading up to a potential Series A investment. 

How do we invest? At the point of a Series A, companies typically have a product that's being used in the market by a handful of pilot or early customers; they typically have a solid core team, but there are opportunities to strengthen and grow the team to the next level; the company has proven there's an identifiable market with a compelling and addressable pain point; the company has a plan to make money, even if it's not fully implemented yet; and there's evidence of a defensible competitive advantage over industry incumbents and/or new market entrants. Those are the primary things we seek to evaluate during our due diligence process - Technology, Team, Market, Business Model, and Competition. 

Are we scary? No. We are a highly diverse set of indiduals that all look at potential investment opportunites from different perspectives and skill sets. Within our team, we have very deep firsthand experience in technology/engineering, finance/analytics, go-to-market, and startup team-building. This experience allows us to add significant value to our portfolio companies beyond the capital injection - being great venture capital investors is the result of our success as operators and entpreprenerus. And since we are not scary, we invite you to come meet with us!