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Finding Your Sensei

Video games were around well before the wide adoption of the personal computer. What first started as a technical oddity at a 1950s science fair, gained national attention and wide-spread popularity by the early 1970s. Played predominantly on TV-connected consoles, and free-standing video arcade machines, games such as Spacewar! and Atari’s Pong, began captivating a growing population of video gamers across the nation and the globe by the early 1970s. Flash forward 40 years and the video game industry looks starkly different.

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TVision Takes on a Goliath with Much More Than a Slingshot

Today, by last count, there are over 50 national TV networks (broadcast and cable), running over 300 stations, all driven by advertisers willing to pay for access to their potential customers. In 2017, TV advertising spend is projected to reach over $72 billion with annual digital ad spend projected to reach a total of $77 billion.  Ratings are the currency of the market and for over 60 years, the Nielsen Company has been the arbitrator of the critical advertising rates that broadcasters from across the globe charge advertisers.

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Data Storage Revolution: Nasuni and Scott Dussault

After a two-hour drive in the wonderful traffic of the Greater Boston Area, I arrived at Nasuni to conduct my interview with the company’s CFO/COO and seasoned startup operator, Scott Dussault. Nasuni’s offices are located between an orthopedic rehab office and a daycare, the perfect location for any budding software company. As Scott joked in an email with me, you could not make this stuff up; such is life at a promising startup I’d soon learn.

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